[ZFG] Zero F's Given ZFG's Logo

We just don't care snowflakes

Welcome to ZFG where the majority of our leaders are prior service members. We are an older clan focused on improving our game play. In both individual and team combat. ZFG is looking for clan oriented people who are willing to learn , Actively do tournaments, Ranked Team Battles, chat in TeamSpeak3 , Strongholds and run platoons in a relaxed and fun environment. If you get offended WE ARE NOT FOR YOU !!

- 16+
- Tier 2 and higher
-TeamSpeak3 with push to talk.
- English Speaking.
- Motivated to help with Strongholds.
- Be respectful to teammates and enemies.
- Be able to take constructive criticism.

What we offer:
- Strong Leadership and Sense of Brotherhood.
- A knowledgeable group of players to learn from.
- Fun contests and friendly competitions.
- Stronghold Buffs.
- Team training.

For More Info:

Name Tier Battles Win Rate WN8 Average