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New Misfits - New Attitude

United Misfits is for players who are outcasts,
don't have the right
Clan Wars Tanks, win8.

We are here to work togather, have fun, win or lose, "No DRAMA QUEENS".
Clan For Ages
--- Must Have At Least One Tier 8 Non Premium Tank To Join Us ---

We fight In
Strongholds (Daily)
Clan Wars
Advances (Daily If Can)

(Must Do One Or Two Days Of Strongholds A Week)

:: Point System ::
The more you do, the more points you get. In which you can trade them in for. Tanks, Gold, Perm Time.
(Points system funded out of commander's own pocket)
(Must Sign Up For website)

Teamspeak Requirement:
Must have teamspeak for comms.
During clan events (Strongholds, clan wars and advances) Why be in a clan when you want to play by yourself.

If you think united misfits is for you then come to our
teamspeak umgamingcommunity.gavs.us

Name Tier Battles Win Rate WN8 Average