[SYNGZ] Synergize! SYNGZ's Logo

"Right-Click, Left-Click"

Integrity-Loyalty-Winning-Big Derp Guns
Teamspeak 3 Server: voice.gameservers.com:9185
- We are a Top 10 Clan that is rather new forming from many other clans with years of experience.
- Most of us have been around the block, and seen how things work, but think its time for change with new leadership aiming for the global map and taking what is ours.
- Our biggest goal is building our structure and developing trust and team cohesion
- Teamspeak
- Least 7 CW tanks
- Participate in CW's
- 2300 wn8 Overall or 3000 Recent (with exceptions case by case)
-- Other Clan Options that are a part of our community --

-Utilize our clan application through Google Forms here

Name Tier Battles Win Rate WN8 Average