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Looking For Diplomatic Solutions

ICON- is a top 10 clan, reintroduced with new leadership and structure. We are group of skilled players and callers, who developed the competence and chemistry to work as a unit as we strive to become a top 5 clan.

ICON- is looking for players with:
At least 2100 overall WN8
At least 2700 recent WN8
At least 54% win rate
At least 3-4 days activity per week
Mandatory Teamspeak and Slack
At least 4 current meta CW tanks of the following:
Of course exceptions can be made on case by case basis.

ICON- offers its players:
Gold payouts.
Strongholds and advances every night.
Fun and solid community.
Competitive mindset always striving to be the best.

You are welcome to apply on our teamspeak or message any of our recruiters.

For recruitment please contact: Cry_Me_A_River, _Oz, Painful_Solutions
For deplomacy: Snowman007

Name Tier Battles Win Rate WN8 Average