[NY3M] Now You See Me - International NY3M's Logo

*Target spotted* Now you see me. *Vehicle destroyed* Now you don't.

We are looking for team oriented players who would like to have some fun with us! Now s your chance to shine!

╚»»» Clan principles:
☻ We do not swear, we do not offend, we do not provoke; We respect all our colleagues; We are a big happy family here
☻ We listen to the Officers
☻ Being Online means being on Team Speak and Game
☻ In the evenings we prefer to play team oriented games (not randoms)
☻ Joining Special Battles is mandatory

╚»»» Clan Goals:
☻ Have Clan Reserves active every day
☻ Play all Clan Wars and Campaigns
☻ Have fun and train in Stronghold Battles and Skirmishes
☻ Play Tournaments to sharpen our skills
☻ Split the earnings (gold and such) fairly

╚»»» Minimum requirements for recruitment:
☻ Minimum 2 tier VIII tanks (from current META)
☻ Minimum 2 tier X tanks (from current META)
☻ Team Speak program, used for communication
TS Address: ts.stego.ro:9988
☻ Statistics over 3000 WN8 Combined (recent + overall)

Join us! You have nothing to lose!

Name Tier Battles Win Rate WN8 Average