[NY3M] Now You See Me - International NY3M's Logo

*Target spotted* Now you see me. *Vehicle destroyed* Now you don't.

This is a friendly, semi-active clan. If you are looking for some mates to have fun with, platooning and playing various events then this could be the place for you:

☻ There are no mandatory activities here. Play what you feel like;
☻ We do not swear, we do not offend, we do not provoke; We respect all our colleagues; We are a big happy family here and we help each other;
☻ Team Speak program, used for communication; TS Address: ts.stego.ro:9988
☻ We want to grow the Stronghold & have Clan Reserves active every night;
☻ Split the earnings (gold and such) fairly.

Join us & see if you like it here with us!

Name Tier Battles Win Rate WN8 Average