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Friendship, Loyalty, and Fun

[TAW] The Art of Warfare is part of a worldwide gaming community formed up of players dedicated to the community and to have a good time, as well as teamwork and fair play. We are looking for friendly and mature English speaking members from all over the NA server to join our ranks. We are currently looking to rebuild the unit.

We are looking for all types of players but during our rebuilding time, we would like to focus on those who are active and want to take an active role in rebuilding the unit.

If you are still working your way through the lower tier tanks, we want you as well! We all started at the same place! Once we have rebuilt the unit, we will be running training events for all clan members weekly.

Come have fun without drama! Jump in a platoon and grind a tank line with new friends.

Weekly meetings: TBD

Apply at our website: WWW.TAW.net
TS3 address: ts.taw.net - password on request
Discord: https://discord.gg/gp9cfzV

Questions or comments? Contact Ryaden

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