Features Overview

This page contains an overview of some of the key features offered by Clan Tools.

For a complete list of features, along with more details about each one, please see the Help Documentation.

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Activity Tracking

It's easy to see who's showing up, how often, and the last time they've been seen.

In addition to providing overall activity statistics for the clan as a whole, in text or graph form.

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Daily Attendance Management

Managing day-to-day attendance is done through the one-stop attendance management page.

Note that each clan isn't limited to having just "Attendance" and "Training"; a clan need not even have those.

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Battle Tracking and Replay Integration

Battles from the Global Map are automatically loaded.

Replays can be uploaded to battles to:

  • Grant a Code to members in the battle
  • Automatically set the result
  • Save the replay for later review
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Stronghold Tracking

Each day, per-a-player IR earned and Battles played is automatically recorded.

This can be used for seeing who's active in strongholds, and for payout calculation.

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Payout Calculation

Clan Tools provides a powerful and flexible system for automatically calculating gold pay based on a number of factors, including:

  • Codes entered
  • Clan Wars battles participated in
  • Stronghold IR earned and battles played
  • Group bonuses


Contact Unknown0ne via one of the methods listed on the Contact page with your Clan's name and server.

Want more information?

There's more detailed information in Help Documentation and I'm (Unknown0ne) happy to answer any questions you have. You can contact me via the methods listed on the Contact page.