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The Steadfast 40TH
Associated with the 7AD14 7AD23 7AD48 and 7AD77
The 7AD40 is a clan within the World of Tanks community. We have been a part of the World of Tanks community since closed beta and have an active and growing member base.
Clan Mission Statement
The 7AD40 is a mature and casual, but competitive clan focused on enjoying World of Tanks. Our core values include team work, a positive attitude, respectfulness, consistent activity, and most of all - having fun playing World of Tanks. We welcome all those who want to succeed and bring prestige to our clan.
Clan Information
We are an active Clan War group and have an active and growing membership. There are almost always fellow members on that allow for platooning, team battles, tourney play and greater success on the battlefield.
For those interested in joining us, please visit our website http://7ad40.enjin.com

Name Tier Battles Win Rate WN8 Average