[RNSTR] 1ST Royal Nova Scotia Tank Regiment RNSTR's Logo

Work together with honour and together we triumph

A clan that plays for fun and doesn't take things too serious. All players (Tier X minimum) more than welcome as long as you support your fellow clan members during battle. Players with lower tiers would be more than welcome to join our sister clan the 2nd Royal Nova Scotian Tank Regiment (2RNST). Once you reach tier X you will be promoted to RNSTR as space permits. Happy hunting.

- TeamSpeak 3
- Mature attitude
- Participation in Clan Wars and other clan events when online (Excluding while afk)
- Must have a Tier X tank

Note: Gold payout only to players that participate in Clan Wars. If you don't want to participate in clan wars, platoons, companies, or detachments please don't apply.

For recruitment, join in our TS or message one of the following recruiters in-game:
- Shaunvoning
- kneeltome
- fumren
- Blaster_VSF

For diplomatic issues, contact one of the following:
- Patrick_VonFennell
- Shaunvoning
- bazinga_bash
- RockQuarry

Name Tier Battles Win Rate WN8 Average