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That's how we handle that stuff!

The Black Hand is a new clan forming from the senior officer staff of an established guild.
Setting our eyes on new goals we have left our old home and struck out in a new direction with a core of very skilled and active members that are capable of managing and leading a clan into the future.
Currently we are looking for new members that have above all else, a good attitude with a desire to learn and become part of a skilled team that enjoys winning. We desire members that will participate and be active with us and leave the ego behind.
We are actively doing Tier 6 Strongholds most nights and keeping our average of 70%+ win rate while participating weekly in tournaments.
Our goal is to actively participate long term in the world map and hold land!
We'd like to find players that have
-Recent Win8 of around 1500
-Above 7k Battles
-Available most nights for strongholds and clan wars
-Have reached T10 in one or two lines
-TS3: bhts.enjinvoice.com

Name Tier Battles Win Rate WN8 Average