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We CAN when no 1 else CAN

We are a group of players who love playing as a TEAM and winning as a TEAM, that is either in platoons, strongholds, or clan wars. We do fun and serious training sessions , we participate in Strongholds and we participate in Clan Wars. We are a social Clan. We believe in having fun while tanking, however in battles there is only one person speaking, the caller. We don't tolerate bad behavior in game or in Clan, we have fun but will not tolerate Fail platoons or Team Killers these ppl ruin the game for everyone. If you are interested in a Clan that is moving forward please send us your application through WOT.

We are looking forward to welcoming you to 1CAN!!

We are currently recruiting players
What you need too have for admission too Clan
3 x Tier 6 minimum tank (non premium)
5000 + battles
Comms and TS3

True Canadain Tankers

Name Tier Battles Win Rate WN8 Average