[RENB2] 2nd Renagade Brigade RENB2's Logo

Vita Brevis ( Life is Short )

2nd Renegade Brigade (RENB2) is part of the Renegade Brigade family of clans, we do all in game and are a frequent player group who are here for advancement of clan and players. We have only 3 requirements, speak english, be a frequent player, and use our communication program called Teamspeak3 available at www.teamspeak.com/downloads. We do tournaments, advances, strongholds and are now ranked on the global map. we are looking to field multiple teams in the near future. Minimum of 4 tier 10 tanks.

We are part of an alliance with several other clans and sometimes get together and have our own tourneys, games, platoon drops etc.

In Memory:
Renegade Tex, yourang01, STEELEAGLE, STM Hunter, Kbrhulk, Bootlegger/11 Echo, europa1960

Name Tier Battles Win Rate WN8 Average