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Vita Brevis ( Life is Short )

2nd Renegade Brigade is part of the Renegade Brigade family of clans, we do all in game and are a frequent player group who are here for advancement of clan and players. We have only 3 requirements, speak english, be a frequent player and use our communication program called Teamspeak3 available at www.teamspeak.com/downloads. Players who do not want to do group activities should not join as they will be dropped. Our ages currently ranges from 12 to 70 with most players being in the 20-40 group. If you are looking for a good experience in gaming join us. If you are interested in a good group of people and actually doing Skirmishes, Tournaments, Strongholds and Clan Wars we are the guys to see. :) We are the competitive arm of the Renb Family. Must be active 3-4 nights a week. Min 3k battles and 3k pr. All others please apply to renb1, less than 3,000 battles please apply to 4renb

In Memory:
Renegade Tex

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