[2MEF] 2MEF 2nd Marine Expeditionary Force 2MEF's Logo

"ATTITUDE is Everything!"

We are a Marine Corps dedicated clan. You don't have to be a Marine to be in 2MEF clan,(all are welcome to apply),but you must have "the attitude"! Marines never surrender and they never retreat! And they never leave a brother behind!

Veterans of all service branches are strongly encouraged to apply! We approve or disapprove applicants on an individual basis.

We adhere to the Marine motto: Semper Fidelis: (Always Faithful). We're faithful to each other and to our clan. We always help our fellows in technical advancement and gameplay technique.

Teamspeak3 is REQUIRED. Our server address is: ( 2mef.enjinvoice.com:7402 )

We have a very special and unique culture. Our elan, esprit d'corps and comradeship are second to none! We also happen to be a friendly "bunch of fellows". Looking forward to having you with us on the battlefield!

Check-out our Clan website: 2mef.enjin.com

The quickest application process is thru the "MEPS" tab on our wbsite.

Name Tier Battles Win Rate WN8 Average