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Ayo da pizza here

[QUACK] is a high end competitive clan that likes to maintain a close community. We are active nightly in competitive modes (Strongholds/Advances/Clan Wars). We are looking for players with a healthy mindset to join and improve with us.

-3,000 Recent WN8 In Competitive Tier 10’s With 60% Win Rate.
-Good Communication Skills
-A Drive To Improve
-Evaluation In Advances
-Active 4 Days Per Week In Competitive

Competitive experience is valued above stats (other games included). At QUACK we understand that stats are an indicator of competence and have no actual effect on your Clan Wars performance.

If you are interested in joining QUACK Message one of the following people in-game, for a faster response message on Discord.
Rookie_o7 (Rookie#3690)
Ghost_o7 (Ghost_o7#0001)
Dre_o7 (Dre#2333)
Cam_o7 (Comander_Cam#0001)

Quack Is Back

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