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Dont follow the beaten path. Go your own way and leave a trail

Hello fellow tankers my name is Lost Legionnaire and I am the proud commander of Lost Legion
We are a fun and upbeat clan with people from many places.Our clan is ranked 110 out of 5195 clans on the US Server (as of 11/17/2016) . Me and my sub commander Canadian eagle have hand picked every single player into our clan, the reason we do this is we like to win and to win you need the best. We platoon, skirmish, and clan war on a daily basis. There is absolutely no drama in our clan and everyone is respected regardless of race or religion.
If this is what you are looking for in a clan please contact us at
Teamspeak Lost-legion.teamspeak3.com:7143
Fourm http://lostlegion-l-leg.enjin.com/
To join our clan you must have the following requirements

1: To have a wn8 of above 1200
2: victory ratio of above 51%
3: TeamSpeak 3
4: If you login to world of tanks you MUST be on team speak after 7pm eastern time
5: Must have minimum 1 tier 8 tank

Name Tier Battles Win Rate WN8 Average