[MLPVA] PONYZ - Villain Alliance MLPVA's Logo

Bringing darkness to Equestria since 2010 and our passwords secure since 2013.

Are you ready to join the highest ranking My Little Pony clan on the NA servers?

Here at the MLPVA, we show that friendship isn't the only kind of magic. We try not to take the game too serious, but you best be ready to ram some steel together if you wish to join our ranks. We are a mixed group of casual and competitive players who are hardcore stronghold fanatics. No matter what your play style, there's a place for you.

Hope to see you on the battlefield soon, minion.

General Rules:
1. Don't be a toxic shitlord or a whiner
2. No alternate accounts in the clan
3. Have courtesy and respect for other players
4. Be able to understand English

Stronghold Rules:
1. Discord
2. You have to follow orders
3. Must have prebattle map enabled on the loading screen
4. Must have approved tanks

Approved tanks:

Discord server: Click me

Name Tier Battles Win Rate WN8 Average