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This content has been censored, please contact an administrator for clearance.

Welcome to Censored! We are a group of casual players that play the game for fun. This clan and some of its original members are remnants of the first campaign in World of tanks where multiple clans merged to gain more power on the global map!

We are a friendly clan, welcoming new players to a drama free place to chill and just grind. Over the years this clan has mostly gone inactive but with some work, we are creating a new community that we can build together.

We are looking for experienced players who enjoy running platoons, joining tournaments and just hanging out with other players. We will be diving into skirmishes and Clan Wars as time goes on. Any member is free to come and go as they please. If you are inactive after a large period of time, we will make room as needed.

Discord is used for clan announcements and is recommended. We do review player stats prior to joining but we make exceptions depending on the situation.

Contact IGN: OneTechTreeLineWonder for recruitment!

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