[TKOC] The Knock Out Club TKOC's Logo

We Will Knock Out Your Tank.

Team Speak: Ts.gigx.co

Diplo: darthszm89 (TS or PM)

Recruiting: Bythor or Any recruiter that is online

At this time recruiting is open to those that will play as a team. Lone wolfs need not apply. We are looking for active players who are 17 years of age or older. All new recruits are required to register at the TKOC forum within 3 days of admission and check it at least once per day. New recruits are also required to download Teamspeak and join our server

Recruitment requirements
Average WN8 900<
Recent WN8 1100<
1 tank from each Group or 3 from one Group
(T-150,M6, O-I) (Cromwell, Cromwell B, T37, Type 64, A-43)
Available 2 nights a week for clan wars
Use TS and sign up to forums

If you meet these requirements send a application to TKOC and a recruiter will speak to you

"Sorry I did not want to waste my shell" Hutch 2015

Name Tier Battles Win Rate WN8 Average