Proving Yourself!

Proving Yourself!

HARM is the leading clan within HARM Nation. We take pride in our ability to fill teams for clan wars and our ability to participate in all aspects of wargaming events. We hold our members to a high standard of performance and hold each other accountable. We are a laid back kind of clan but when it's time to work, we give it our all! We encourage or members to improve in all aspects of the game and have many resources available to help. Join us today!

If you are interested in joining contact an officer or recruiter.
***Requirements to Join HARM:
*Recent WN8: 1600+ in META TIER 10'S
*Tank Requirement: 3 meta Tier X tanks
-Must Play Tier 10 Meta Tanks (100+ Pub Battles) and Average 1.25 of vehicle HP at minimum
*Activity Requirement: 3 days a week at muster; 1900 cst
*Must have an average tier play of 8+
*Must Speak English
*Must have and be on TeamSpeak while in game
*Must always strive to improve your knowledge and skills of the game
*Must put clan above self

Name Tier Battles Win Rate WN8 Average