Embolden, Empower, EN4ORCE

Here at 4ORCE GAMING we have a very enjoyable clan community, known for activity, competitiveness and respect. The #1 goal is to have a good time and to keep you coming back for more each night! During campaigns, if a player is here to get a tank, they will! On average we get 60+ tanks per campaign, with our experienced callers and players winning is not a problem. We pay all players who attend clan wars and clan activities.

MYTH_ is our sub clan and we share a TS and actively work together to improve all players.

Requirements to join 4ORCE:

1. Have a competitive mindset and a drive to win!
2. Minimum Recent WN8 of (Flexible)2800+ min. 3 meta tier 10 tanks (Chieftain, 907, VK 72.01 (K), 277, WZ 111 5A, STB1, Object 279e, CGC, Leo1,, EBR 105)
3. Tier play average of 8+ in last 1,000 battles
4. Be online no less than 3 nights a week.
5. Teamspeak is required
6. Understand and speak English

Recruitment Msg: uBIGhunk , Sparater or Epileptic_Monkey

Diplomacy Msg: _THE_WAR_MACHINE_

Name Tier Battles Win Rate WN8 Average