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Welcome to the 4th Cavalry Regiment!


The 4th Cavalry was led by Colonel Ranald S. Mackenzie on the Texas Frontier. The 4th Cavalry engaged Mexican based Kickapoo and Apache bands from the Rio Grande area and the Southern Plains Native American Indians northward toward what is now Amarillo. Three major events occurred: (1) Battle of Blanco Canyon, (2) Battle on the North Fork of the Red River and (3) Battle of Palo Duro Canyon.

Our core beliefs are: (1) Respect, (2) Teamwork and (3) Fun. If you have the desire to help the clan and you are into teamwork for a common goal, then our clan is for you. Some of us are retired, retired military, students or just everyday working folks. You will find people around to platoon with, talk to and enjoy the game with.

Notes for applying to the clan:
1) Once you have an account.
2) Willingness to have fun;
3) No negative attitudes, please; and
4) ts3server://vs29.tserverhq.com?port:7057

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