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Infecting The Global Map!

We are Contagion, dedicated to competent game play in Clan wars. On off times, we have a strong community with support and laughter for all members in a relaxed setting. During prime time for Clan Wars we expect all members to participate in training and be available for battle if needed. We are multi-cultural and are comprised of men AND women. Gold payouts are weekly and are based on attendance to CW. If interested in joining or finding out more about us please contact a recruiter, provided you meet our minimum requirements as listed below. Perhaps you have what it takes to cause a pandemic on the Global Map with us!

•Must speak working English.
•Must have at least 3 tier 10's (In garage)
•Must have a WN8 of 1200+
•Must participate in CW at least 3 nights per week
*Must be 18+ yoa

*Not interested in CW at the moment? Take a look at V2RUS, our tourney and training clan.

Teamspeak3: ts3.contagiongaming.com

Name Tier Battles Win Rate WN8 Average