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Always Improving!!!!

Reckless Onslaught is recruiting! We are an active clan wars group looking for more like minded players who want to win and improve, while having fun!

A few Requirements:
Recent wn8 1200 (Exceptions may be made based on 24 hour or 7 day stats)
Recent win rate above 50%, some exceptions can be made.
TeamSpeak3 and working mic. Must be in TeamSpeak during prime time (7pm-12am EST)
Must own at least four (4) tier 8 and tier 10 CLAN WARS TANKS.

Able to listen to instruction and able to work well with others.
Participation at least 3 days a week with clan activities. (Stongholds, team battles, and using team speak when in game during primetime.)
Positive attitude! Always improving!

Diplo/personnel contact: . Slotoe, _Ducky, Kimzo and/or Jock176

Recruitment contact: Jock176, _Ducky, Kimzo, Slasher, Slasher

Our TS address is: RuthlessOleFarts.Teamspeak3.com

Name Tier Battles Win Rate WN8 Average