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Those that are aware of their surroundings have the ability to adapt to it!!! - Cognisant -

* New Developement *

We offer a chance to EXCEL ... win more battles and improve your stats.

Leadership in [AC] has had success in all aspects of the game (CW, tournys, TC's, SH Skirms). We are focused on making the WOT community better by offering the chance to to provide a home/clan that will give you the advantages in battle.

Please have the mentality to:
~ Conduct yourself with dignity.
~ Be a team player - never know when your wing-man will save you
~ Learn - drop the ego and don't fail to take advantage to improve. (somehow you will have to admit to yourself where your play is lacking before you can make it better)

Req to join:
TS3 (mic optional but must have ears)

"Those that are survivors are captains of the future outcome"

Name Tier Battles Win Rate WN8 Average