[AC] Animal Crackers AC's Logo

Capitalizing on opportunities

Lead - Aspire - Inspire - Achieve

[AC] family members are focused on challenging themselves, learning/growing, laughing, and making the most of opportunities.

We offer a chance to EXCEL through our leadership and partnerships.

[AC] has had success in all aspects of the game (plats, CW, tournys, advances, SH, Skirms).and BELIEVE in achieving great things in the future.

Other opportunities to mix with top clans/players available with contacts and relationships/connections by leaders.

Please have the mentality to:

~ Have fun, be competitive when faced with a challenge, laugh when things don't work out, give respect, and get extra cookies if you show gratitude and praise to others.

Req to join:

1) Discord (mic optional must have ears)

Name Tier Battles Win Rate WN8 Average