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Why is NA so dead? FeelsBadMan

MAHOU is a top clan seeking active competitive players. We participate nightly in clan wars, stronghold battles, and skirmishes. We have fun, hone our skills, and regularly seek fights with other top clans.

We pay gold generously based on attendance and activity. We are the first clan on NA to have all stronghold buildings reach tier ten, and we run multiple credit bonuses nightly. We do have an anime theme, but rarely discuss it and you don't have to like it.

Stat Recommendations:

- 3500+ Recent WN8 in Tier Tens
- 64%+ Recent Winrate
- We will take into consideration WGLNA and other team play experience.
- At least four dank CW tanks
- At least three active days a week
- Teamspeak and Slack mandatory

For diplomacy, recruitment, or other dank memes, drop by our teamspeak!
For Recruitment Message: Perfect or Greg

Old guard MAHOUs may be sighted in MAHOV
Our dead social subclan SNPAI
SHOJO used to be a thing

Name Tier Battles Win Rate WN8 Average