[BRIG] The Brigade BRIG's Logo

We the members, in order to create a more perfect clan...!

Looking for the more mature player, willing to grow and take on duties! We are a friendly group of seasoned veterans and new members alike...! We would like to skirmish almost nightly, your joining us will help us in our goal.

We care more about how you play as a team member and helpfulness to make this a competitive clan. We consider your willingness to teach and learn from others of paramount importance. So, if you consider yourself our kind of player, "The Brigade" is for you. Come join us!

Rules: 1. No Drama Allowed. 2. Teamspeak3 Is required when in game during the period 7 PM CST. This is the time we try and skirmish, as a team!. 3. Have fun!

We expect you to obtain teamspeak3 to remain in the clan. http://www.TEAMSPEAK3.com - It is a must!!!

If you must be gone for an extended period of time, for whatever reason, let XOs know.



Name Tier Battles Win Rate WN8 Average