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Because you are worth it!

Moderately competitive clan with the focus on teamwork both in battle and in association to each member. A willingness to improve individually and as a team is important here and recruiting will be heavily considered around these qualities. We expect to compete at a high level whenever we go into battle and will encourage team-based play on a regular basis.

We are actively recruiting CW,Stronghold detachment and tournament players. Please see one of our recruiters or officers. Here is our TS info:

• Recent WR: 54%
• Recent WN8: 1800
• Active 4+ a week during prime-time hours
• Good attitude
• Multiple tier 10s (Comparable stats as above)
• Multiple tier 8s (Mostly SH)
• Will evaluate players on an individual basis

If you don't quite meet requirements we would love to meet you and play with you to see your potential!

Message Cagedfury1369, X32Wright, Muzzlemania, biggun52, schramm11

Name Tier Battles Win Rate WN8 Average