[PINGU] NootNoot PINGU's Logo

"I Use The Uhhh Turbo For The Umm Speed"- Z_Best 2021

Do you even Noot? [PINGU] Is a high end competitive community. We run nightly clan activities (Advances/CW) as well as daily strongholds with tier 10 credit boosters. We participate in all clan tournaments and pay out gold/bonds generously.

Recruitment: PINGU is currently recruiting players at or exceeding the following requirements.
if you believe you can get in, message WaRPack___

Recruitment Requirements:

2600 Recent WN8
Good DPG In Meta 10's
60% Recent Wins
CW/Tournament Experience Preferred
Must Be Active For Clan Events (Advances, Clan Wars, Campaigns, and Tournaments)

Recruiting: 1800_Wardec, Warpack___

Diplo: Warpack___, and MrHitman_

Complaints Department: WaRPack___, , and DownloadableSkill

Teamspeak: pingu

Name Tier Battles Win Rate WN8 Average