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D-DAY and HHOUR are sister clans
HHOUR is the social/feeder clan, D-DAY is the competitive clan.
We do A LOT of activities as a community nothing is mandatory.
D-DAY recruits players who meet or exceed our requirements with exceptions made on a case by case scenario. We believe WoT is just a game (Real Life comes first). As a member of D-DAY you can be sure all your clan-mates are quality tankers worthy of the D-DAY badge. Tankers you know will approach every game in a skillful manner and on your bad days, help carry you. See also clan HHOUR if you are looking for a more casual group or are looking to improve, check out HHOUR.
*D-DAY Preferred Requirements *
At least 1 meta CW Tier X TANK
~ 1000+ recent WN8
*We are on discord so just feel free to ask for it.
Players who do not meet these requirements will be reviewed on a case-by-base basi, and possibly invited to join HHOUR.
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