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In Omnia Paratus

A collection of like-minded mature gamers, some of us fairly advanced in age, seeking a competitive clan environment without the drama that comes from having a lot of 19yr olds running the show. The founding core has gaming experience going back to the 80s, and MAWGWKCKA has been competitive in online gaming since 1998.

If you're looking for a low-drama clan that plans to elevate your game while having fun, give us a look. We're friendly to all levels of experience, but stress a willingness to learn/improve and to play as part of a team. Mature attitude is probably the biggest requirement to run with us... Mom jokes are fine, but you have to know when its time to get serious too! :)

TS.MAWGWKCKA.com if you want to chat us up

Please visit mawgwkcka.com for more info ---

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