[LOAD] -02- Refugee Camp for the -02- A Team LOAD's Logo

Liam~ This Anime Logo is Amazing. I love anime melons

Flying out -02- refugees out of -02- International Airport and evacuating the LOAD embassy since the end of clan wars


Confrontation: 8th place 24 tanks earned
Placed top 16 in ThunderStorm with only 20 Load members in a clan called -02- with 43 tanks received
Renaissance Campaign 10th place: 90 tanks earned
Metal Wars: 16th place 55 tanks

Requirements: 2500 recent wn8.. some exceptions can be made
MESSAGE: Liam_disavowed/The_GreatOne/Just_Brandy_Things

TeamSpeak: loaf.ts3dns.com or load.voipdns.net
Discord: https://discord.gg/y7vWwb7uf4

Best quote from last campaign:
Mhobus (1:56:21 AM) HaHaHaHa! Great story! Not a "boomer". I'm 50. A Sargeant in the USArmy, a teacher, a mailman... I made pizza's at Pizza Hut and was a Pipefitter for Roman-Haas. And a clerk, buyer, purchaser. inside and outside sales. Mostly, I'm just an average conservative American and I was in prison for a few years, came out and everyone had these new tanks. Missed out.

Name Tier Battles Win Rate WN8 Average