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Clan wars 1, May you rest peacefully with M60 Jesus and all the unicums you took with you. o7 o7

Teamspeak: faded.space

What is dead may never die.
Special Thanks to: zodman1993, and Exigaet

12/22/2015 ~ Clan Creation
9/30/2016 ~ Birth of Titans Event Ends ~ 51 Tier VIII Reward Tanks
9/06/2016 ~ War Bonds Contest Winner ~ 1st ~ FADED 3,691,452,384.00 Damage dealt in August in Pubs
12/12/2016 ~ Steel Corrida Event Ends ~ 98 Tier X Reward Tanks
1/31/2017 ~ Clan Officially Closed to clan activities

ex nihilo nihil fit
Alea iacta est

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