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New clan to Teal Team Six Community, and are currently seeking players who wish to be dedicated clan members and who meet the following requirements:

At least 1800 recent WN8 (but please reach out if you're close we can make decisions on a case by case basis!)

At least 50% recent win rate

At least 2 meta tier 10

The ability to be online for clan activities 3-4+ nights per week

The use of Team-speak when in game

A strong desire to improve one’s personal play and blossom into a respectable competitive player

Additionally, we are looking to build and grow our officer core. If you are a competent administrator with experience running the day-to-day affairs of a clan and would like to lend us your talents then please do not hesitate to apply!

To inquire about joining connect to our Team Speak server at tt6.teamspeak.w t f < No Spaces and idle in the Triad Recruitment Room or please message the following members:

SillyRabbitTrixRfourKids, Sord1d and Wabatong_Guishi in Game

Name Tier Battles Win Rate WN8 Average