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Exile is like death. You cannot understand it until it happens to you. And so... Exile is our power.

If you're looking to become that player who carries games, wins reward tanks in campaigns, to learn calling or be a high level caller, to win and have fun doing it, to be part of that platoon who backpacked your team & to even kick back and watch a movie or sing some drunk karaoke with the guys from time to time.... This is the place for you.

Clan Minimum Requirements:
- 2000+ Wn8 Overall - 2450+ Recent Wn8
- 56%+ WR - 60%+ Recent WR
- 3+ Viable Tier 10's - 2+ Viable Tier 8's
- Must have Teamspeak and Microphone, must be on teamspeak when online
- 3+ Days a week attendance
- Clan Training is mandatory if you are online and able (when scheduled)
- A willingness to learn, be a better tanker, a better team player & have a ton of fun.
- Respect towards your fellow clanmates and officers. This is a fun, respectful environment.

Exceptions may be made on a case by case basis. So if you feel you have something to offer, feel free to apply.
TS: ts44.gameservers.com:9285

Name Tier Battles Win Rate WN8 Average