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-Dap You Up-

Why Join ̶W̶O̶N̶K̶A̶?̶ the FDUP Community?
— Daily Farming of Tier VIII Skirmishes with Tier X credit boosters!
— Consistently high placing teams in War Games (You earn gold for individual performance.)
— Advances fielded 2 times a night & 4 times on weekends
— Tier X Clan Wars prior to Advances

Our Requirements:
— Overall WN8 of 1900+ (Last 1k WN8 of 2450+)
— 3+ Meta Tier 10 Tanks (HT: Obj. 705A, Super Conq, 5A, Type 5, Maus, 113 MT: 907, B-C, 140 TD: Obj. 268 v4, Strv, E3)
— Average DPG in tier 10 tanks: 2,700+
— Last 1k average recent tier of 8+
— 4+ Advance battles or 1,000 boxes per week
— TeamSpeak 3 (FDUP.Teamspeak3.com)

Be a good TEAM PLAYER, have a sense of humor, if you call, cool, we have enough battles to share between callers.

Our Sister Clans
P̶I̶X̶Y̶ 2FDUP Requirements:
— Overall WN8 of 1700+ (Last 1k WN8 of 2200+)

For Recruitment PM: OKIPRO, TacoBuenoBell22, Ch33ky or any other recruitment Officer

For Diplomatic Relations PM: Ch33ky or Josh_Fleming17

Name Tier Battles Win Rate WN8 Average