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Aggressive Spooning For The Win!

Training Clan - Currently LIMITED Recruiting

Start with carrying your own weight. Then one more. Then one more. That way, even if a guy afks or yolorushes, you still have yourself. And if you're worth 3-4 tanks? That's a solid advantage you bring to every match. - DemonicSothe

Focusing on helping new players grasp the fundamentals of the game mechanics so that they can become key participants in Random Battles and beyond!

Must have TeamSpeak and a headset or mic/speaker combo.
Must be willing to learn.
Must be willing to participate in training sessions.

TeamSpeak: iamebolawot.typefrag.com:6395

Official Clan Theme Song
- by GAJohnnie

*Image courtesy of : vectorcharacters.net

Name Tier Battles Win Rate WN8 Average