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Focus on "Fighting Off Corona Using Shells"

F0CUS is recruiting active, drama free players. We are currently active in clan tournaments, clan wars, strongholds, skirmishes, and of course all campaigns. We are laid back crew who like to test ourselves and F0CUS our skills to achieve the best.

The clan goal is to pay out gold to all active members.

18 Years or older

At Least 4 CURRENT Meta CW Tier 10 Tanks
1900 WN8 minimum OVERALL and/or 2450 Recent WN8
Active on TeamSpeak
SLACK is required
F0CUSes on grinding towards a Tier 10 Tank
F0CUSes on No Drama, non-Toxic attitudes
F0CUSes on being Active at least 4 nights a week
F0CUSes on being available to do clan Skirmishes, Strongholds, Clan Wars, and ALL campaigns.
6 days of clan activity is just not enough
If you think you GOT F0CUS and want to BE F0CUS, then apply

TS: ts3.tsfocus.com
For Recruitment contact:
SaltySnax, PenguinOP101, Henry Fu, Error404_Skill_Not_Found,nanfoodle, _Ze_Goose, samxrupz, Psychopinoy

Name Tier Battles Win Rate WN8 Average