[D1CER] DICE ~ Dedicated Idividuals to Clan War Excellence ~ Red Team D1CER's Logo

Roll them...DICE RED

We are accepting applications for those who meet the following:

1200 overall

1500 recents (if your recents are greater than 1200, send a PM to myself or an officer)

You are "REQUIRED" to be on TS when you are in game (7PM - 1100PM EST).
You are "REQUIRED" to be available for SH/Advance/CW a min 3x a week.

We will be a Tier X CW advance type Clan. The question is will you be able to support that plan.

Pm me (Mitochondria)in game/forum, hit up an Officer..Or come by TS...dicetanks.pure-voice.net:8377

Name Tier Battles Win Rate WN8 Average