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Proud member of the most boring season.

Ara ara, what do we have here?
[YOUJO] is a competitive top clan for anyone ready to take part in :3

We are a high quality clan focused on bringing good vibes to the masses inside and outside of tanks. We take part in nightly clan wars, advances, and team battles, along with daily detachments supplemented by tier X credit boosters. We compete at a top level while keeping the good community aspect.

We are looking for peaceful nerds who are near, at, or exceed these stats. Liking anime is not a requirement.

- 3500+ t10 Wn8 Recent / 62.8% Recent WR
- Average recent tier played of ~8.0
- 5+ CW viable tier 10s, have good 8s and 6s for SH
- Active player (3-4 days a week)
- TS3 / Discord Mandatory

Diplo: Elevendy, JxMAN20, m0nk3y
Recruitment: Tamagakure, macca01, Thunder
Apply on ts.
Be sure to drop by our teamspeak, discord, and steam group!

For those interested in our imouto clan, check out [PLAIN]

Name Tier Battles Win Rate WN8 Average