[B-T-G] Blue Tank Group B-T-G's Logo

We put the fun back in gaming

Welcome to the Blue Tank Group aka B-T-G. This clan was established by a group of friends and tankers who have known each other via World Of Tanks for a couple of years now. Our goal is to put FUN back into the game. We have a solid core of clan members and are continually striving to expand, improve and having fun while doing so.

1. Must have Teamspeak3 and be on comms 2-3 days a week. If you want to engage in clan wars and strongholds, you must be on teamspeak in order to participate.

2. Have a tier 10 tank

3. have a recent wn8 above 800

4. If you cannot meet these requirements but want to be apart of our group we have a development group that you can join till you meet min to join the main group

To arrange a meeting contact one of our personnel in game.

Thank You for considering B-T-G!! We look forward to joining you on the Battle Field!!

Name Tier Battles Win Rate WN8 Average