[DYNO] Don't You Need Oxygen? DYNO's Logo

I am DYNO! Hear me Roar!!!

Hey guys and gals!

We're a Casually Competitive Clan. Most of our time is taken up with platoons, but we also compete for Clan Wars reward tanks.

We focus on our community. Some of our members have been playing together for more than two years. We accept people's interests but require a respectful atmosphere within the clan. Teamkillers and Toxic players need not apply.

If you want to know more then feel free to contact one of the officers.

Clan Requirements

- 18+ Years Old
- 3K+ Games Played
- 52%+ Winrate
- 1400+ Overall WN8
- TS ready with Mic
- Email for connecting to Slack

Applicants should have at least one CW/SH ready tier VIII and X tank.
For tier X, WZ-111-5A, Obj-140 or Obj-907 preferred.

Apply through Clantools

Name Tier Battles Win Rate WN8 Average