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" WoT's In Your Wallet? "

We are an 1800 average WN8 clan who pays it's guys out gold every night and we are always looking for experienced and active tankers. We look at every tankers stats individually, even those that may be a little short of our avg stats. Please feel free to fill out our questionnaire when applying at the following link:


- Have a minimum of 3 tier 10s.
- Use Team Speak during prime time at night when gaming, ( 7pm EST - 11pm EST ).
- Help out in Strongholds Skirmishes, Advances, Clan Wars, Seasons and Campaigns when we are running them at night.

Clan Priorities:
1 - Global Map/Campaigns (CW)
2 - Strongholds/Tournaments
3 - Personal Game Modes (Randoms, Platoons, FL, Steel Hunter)

Follow these simple rules gentlemen and life will be grand..!

Name Tier Battles Win Rate WN8 Average