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" WOT'$ In Your Wallet. "

We are an 1500 average WN8 clan that provides weekly gold/bond payout to active members. We are always looking for more experienced and active tankers. We look at every tankers stats individually, even those that may be a little short of our avg stats. Please feel free to fill out our questionnaire when applying at the following link:

Clantools: https://clantools.us/clans/1000051677--W-W-/apply
Teamspeak 3 Address: -W-W-
Facebook Group: [-W-W-]

- Have a minimum of 3 tier 10s.
- Use Team Speak during prime time at night when gaming, ( 7pm EST - 11pm EST ).
- Help out in Strongholds, Skirmishes, Advances, Clan Wars, Seasons and Campaigns when we are running them nightly.

Clan Priorities:
1 - Global Map/Campaigns (CW)
2 - Strongholds/Tournaments
3 - Game Modes (Ranked, Front Line, Steel Hunter)
4 - Personal Missions (Randoms, Platoons)

Name Tier Battles Win Rate WN8 Average