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Calculated One Shots

-S1K- is an upcoming clan that is full of experienced, friendly, and meme-full players who want to cause chaos on the battlefield. We are a chill gaming fam so come one come all!Have you been one shotted recently? Oops sorry may have caused that..... It was calculated just like any other thing in this game[-_-]. #rnjesus

Xn+1 = (aXn + c) mod c (where X is the sequence of pseudo-random values)=Calculation

-S1K- is only recruiting those of which who qualify for the following:

-Active atleast 3 or 4 times a week(negotiable)
-Wn8 of at least 1750+ and a recent of 1900+(negotiable)
-Wnr of at least 52.5%+% and or a recent of 59+%(negotiable)
-Chill and can take a joke
Contact ApexHunter, NewGen13, Will_Only_Hurt_A_Little or Solar_FlareX for diplo and recruiting purposes

Name Tier Battles Win Rate WN8 Average