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Still alive

Greetings Community!

We changed the way our Community is setup: QSF is fun and not competitve related - If you want competitve play apply to QSF-C.

our clan requirements:

Appreciated if you are a stream-follower of QuickyBaby
Must have played at least 4000 games.
Must have a 50% or higher winrate.
You need a minimum of 1200 WN8 rating or higher
You must be 18 or older.

Exceptions can be made after a talk with a recruitmentofficer.

QSF is like the Community part where you platoon, chat up, have fun. without any mandatory requirements.
We have a Teamspeak server, and recommend that you have a working microphone so you can have the most fun out of it and play with other QSF tankers while talking together, and meet new friends in the QSF community.
Teamspeak: qsf-community.com
Discord: https://discord.gg/2bWtfDa

QSF-C Command & Staff

Applications pls on the Ts3 or Discord/ Ingame to a recuitmentofficer/ or the Wargamingapplicationportal

Reports to: _Da3m0n_

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