WHEN victory is all that matters

Prokhorovka fields,
Platoon of three must carry,
WHEN victory calls.

Welcome to WHEN! A part of the WHYWHO community.

We are currently looking to recruit active players for SH and CW.

So if you can play at least 4 nights a week, enjoy team based competitive gameplay, friendly banter and be on Teamspeak (TS) with a working mic then we are the clan for you.

You should have in your garage at least 2 Tier 6 and 8 CW ready tanks.

You should have stats of around 1100+ WN8 overall and 1400+ recent with a WR of 50% but these are not set in stone and exceptions can be made. Just use one of the methods below to see if you can be a part of this great community.

To apply simply join our TS and wait for a recruiter to contact you: (whywho.eu)
Or PM a recruiter in game or on this forum:
nephilim78_1 or cu_chulain (who)

Name Tier Battles Win Rate WN8 Average