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Off and through, one battle at a time!

POOT - A tank grinding clan with platooning as a focus, we would like that POOT members participate in Strongholds (once we have enough tankers!) to create strong teamplay. Trying to grind your tanks, or need a home to work your way up the Tiers ? POOT is the answer! We want you to have fun!

We welcome new and veteran tankers alike, preferably with Team Speak so that we all can play, plan, coordinate and play with you and our members.

Applications accepted at: https://clantools.us/clans/500069524-POOT/apply

TS: poot-clan.org:9987

POOT accepts tankers of all tank classes

Clan requirements are very simple

- NO DRAMA, no religious, political, or racial discrimination.
- Must be able to communicate with team mates in English
- Must be 18 or older - strong language is likely (and acceptable, within reason)

Game Requirements

- Minimum of 2000 battles, 49% Win Rate (Server Average)

Hurry up recruit, join today ! HOOOAAH !

Name Tier Battles Win Rate WN8 Average