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Instilling fear on the World of Tanks battlefield, one battle at a time

POOT - A tank grinding clan with platooning as a focus, POOT members can participate in Strong Holds (once we have enough) which give you boosted XP and Silver. Trying to grind your tanks, or need a home to work your way up the Tiers ? POOT is the answer !


We welcome new and veteran tankers alike, and have a Team Speak server so that you can play and invite friends not in the clan to play with you and our members.

Applications accepted at :


TS: poot-clan.org:9987

POOT accepts tankers of all tank classes

Clan requirements are very easy

- NO DRAMA, no religious, political, or racial discrimination.

- Must be able to communicate with team mates in English

- Must be 18 or older - strong language is likely (and acceptable, within reason)

Game Requirements

- Minimum of 1800 battles, 49% Win Rate (Server Average)

Hurry up recruit, join today ! HOOOAAH !

Name Tier Battles Win Rate WN8 Average