[BC-X] British Centurions - Auxilia BC-X's Logo

“Aut viam inveniam aut faciam."

We are looking for players who fit the following criteria:

• 1400 recent (over 30 days) 2000 COMBINED (Overall + recent) WN8 - We look at WOT-Life.com to check
• Use TeamSpeak
• Speak English or understand English for Clan Wars / Skirmishes
• Have two competitive tier 8 tanks and two competitive tier 10 tanks.
• Have a PR of over 5k

Players who would like more information about joining the clan or for diplomatic purposes, please visit our Team Speak on the address:

TEAMSPEAK SERVER ts.britishcenturions.co.uk (Voice communications)
Message Grannymooose if you have any questions about recruitment

Clan rules:

1) When you are playing tanks you must be on Teamspeak (can be in afk channel)
2) If you are online playing tanks during our Skirmishes / Advances or Clanwars you must attend
3) Players must generate 1000 boxes per month
4) No religious or political talk, in clan games

Name Tier Battles Win Rate WN8 Average